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Jimmy is a veteran Director/ Cinematographer/ Editor with over 20 years professional experience and achievements. An artist first and foremost, he had a still camera in his hand from the age of nine and within a year he was processing and developing black and white prints in a dark room. By the time he was just 12 years, he began shooting and editing his first Super 8 films. Fresh out of the Rhode Island School of Photography, he freelanced as a photo journalist for a year, getting assignments from RCA Records and Arista Records until he was recruited by Columbia Records. There he was hired as the staff photographer and a A&R (artists and repertoire ) consultant, owing to his other love, music, and to being a drummer.

As Chief Photographer / Video Director at Sony Music Entertainment Inc. for nearly two decades, Jimmy worked with hundreds of the biggest talents in the business, from Roger Waters to Pink Floyd, Bruce Springsteen, Kevin Bacon, Michael Jackson, Aerosmith, Tony Bennett, and Mariah Carey. He is one of the most published photographers in the entertainment industry. His entertainment portfolio runs full spectrum, including artwork seen on and inside dozens of CD and DVD covers, as well as publicity photos, tour merchandise, assignments on several major feature films, and music videos. Jimmy’s work in video has appeared on television and cable networks, and the internet throughout the world. In 1996 Jimmy became one of the youngest photographers to land a professional endorsement from the prestiges camera company Leica also that year with Fuji Film.

Jimmy’s passion for communicating complex themes with the utmost simplicity runs throughout his work, enabling a highly stylistic shooting, directing and editing style. Now, as an independent artist, Jimmy’s video portfolio has broadened to include social businesses and non-profits. Currently Jimmy has co-created a web series called “Made Here In Connecticut” Featuring multiple master artists and craftsman. Here he showcases both his artistic sensibility and technical precision as a cinematographer and an editor. In a similar vein, his sensitivity to message for a range of educational and ‘mission’-type videos for FamilyCook Productions, have succeeded to communicate complex relationships between food, health and wellbeing. High profile FamilyCook projects have included a series of “Showdowns” at Whole Foods Markets with Teen Battle Chefs and Dr. Oz, Teen Battle Chefs conducting cooking classes for Robin Quivers, and directed the multi-camera live stage show “Teen Battle Chef LIVE on Broadway.”

In addition to exploring new subject areas beyond music, Jimmy has become an expert in the latest technology for visual artists. Jimmy’s extensive knowledge in the capabilities and interfaces among Apple hardware and software for creatives, has established him as a sought after designer of digital photography ‘dark rooms’ and professional video editing suites. He uses his considerable skill as an educator to teach others about what he knows and loves in visual art and production. In 2007, Fordham University’s Graduate School of Business, tapped Jimmy to design and teach a graduate level class on Entertainment Marketing for two semesters. In 2010 he became a Mentor for Apple’s regional retail staff and has developed and taught numerous workshops in Final Cut Pro HD 7. He currently recruits and teaches Apple staff how to conduct effective workshops. Additionally Jimmy co wrote Tips and Tricks for the Mac operating system.

From 2010-2012 Jimmy ienner, Jr. was voted in as co-chair of the Visual Arts Committee of the Recording Academy NARAS (GRAMMYs) for Video Direction. This honor is in addition to his existing status as voting member of the Academy.

When Jimmy’s not banging on the drums or got a camera of some sort in his hands, he’ll likely be found out on a river, fly-fishing, which is a favorite hobby and the source of a large body of his work in imagery. Jimmy has also served several terms on the Board of Directors of the Catskill Fly-Fishing Center & Museum.




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